What stays hot even after placing it in a freezer?

A hot dog.

It’s a riddle that Aashish’s kid asked him & his eyes welled up at the kid’s future prospects.

The sheer amount of content and spiel that we consume and process across platforms and official meetings leaves us with little time to figure out that awesome campaign or strategy that we want to work on.

It’s only natural to have a day or few under the weather, the days when you know what you have to do but you just can’t find the time out to pull a Nike on your work.
Have a hot dog or maybe something else, your call.

Moving on, if it’s a work-related-branding-marketing-communications-design-strategy-kind of a problem, we can work with you to find the solution.

Our process begins with understanding you and your business challenge, in that order.

We’ll build a strategy and an execution path out for you with the same vigor that we dish our poor jokes out - the quality of our work is much better than the jokes, though.

A few of our clients

Prescience Decision SolutionsInfosys Prize - Infosys Science FoundationiBridge LLCAramco
CusperaSyngenePratishthan VenturesTekenlight
AequsKoppal Toy ClusterMediblueSprink Online

Who do we work with?

We work with start-ups, non-profits, mid-segment firms, and large firms.
We are industry-agnostic.
If your approach to building your brand is non-transactional, we will work with you.

Our ServicesOur work

The problem with a few of us marketing, Content, Product Design and Strategy folks is that we delve a lot into what can be and not what has always been done.

It’s a strange kind of feeling that can be expressed only through our work, and of course, with brands and people who want to move towards a little divergent thinking.

If you think the same way, talk to us.

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