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Our understanding of technology, people, design and content makes it much easier for you to partner with us. We engage directly with brands and also work with their in-house or eternal teams to get your brand experience out to your consumers.

Some of our most amazing engagements have come from working with clients who either know their sh*t or who are in it to learn to know their shi*t.

Bottomline is that people with a conviction to create something awesome also come with a very logical and analytical approach to things. Especially the brands that they are building.

You know and we know that it isn’t possible to deliver three aces every time, and we are pretty well aware of this reality. It’s not the way the cards are dealt, but the way the players play the game - win-win, anyone?

A few of our clients

Prescience Decision SolutionsInfosys Science FoundationiBridge LLCaramco
CusperaPharmaPratishthan VenturesTekenlight
AequsKoppal Toy ClusterMedical apparelSprink Online

When we had to build product design for a revolutionary fintech app, we asked a simple question

"What would the end-user want?

We worked as an extension of the client’s technology team from conceptualisation of the platform and it wasn’t the usual design vs tech story. The difference was that we get tech, product design, content strategy and business strategy.

It’s the folks manning the back-end operations who usually get a raw deal with system interfaces, but not on our watch. The client’s customer representatives have access to a beautiful and functional interface that makes the UI horror stories a thing of the past.

UI & UXMicrocopyFintech App - UX and UI design - brandecode

Who do we work with?

We work with start-ups, non-profits, mid-segment firms, and large firms.
We are industry-agnostic.
If your approach to building your brand is non-transactional, we will work with you.

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The problem with a few of us marketing, Content, Product Design and Strategy folks is that we delve a lot into what can be and not what has always been done.

It’s a strange kind of feeling that can be expressed only through our work, and of course, with brands and people who want to move towards a little divergent thinking.

If you think the same way, talk to us.

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